Who We Are

About KCST

The Kurnool Catholic Support Team (KCST) formed to support the religious mission of the Carmelite and Bridgttine Sisters. KCST Incorporated in January 10, 2018 and achieved IRC §501(c)(3) status on March 1, 2019.


President: Marie Ruiz
Vice President: Juan Manuel Ontiveros
Secretary: Maria Magdalena Ontiveros
Treasurer: Sandra Soto
Spiritual Leader: Father Ray Pothireddy


Serve the Faithful, Bridgittine and Carmelite Nuns and Priests in Kurnool India by:

  • Providing funds to allow for physical security considerations, constructing, upgrading and maintaining the residences and convents to include the related structures and infrastructure.
  • Providing funds for all related religious organizations such as the Meditation Center.
  • Providing funds to facilitate the delivery of the religious mission making provisions for transportation needs and medical support of the sisters, priests and associated personnel.
  • Promoting vocations to the priesthood, nuns and religious life;  all within the guidelines of the Bylaws and applicable regulations relating to IRC §501(c)(3). 


Support the religious mission of the economically poor and marginalized Carmelite and Bridgittine Sisters and associated Catholic congregations in and around the Kurnool  region in India to build a future that will allow the delivery of their religious mission of serving the faithful, nuns and priests.